Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy

PE and Sports Premium Reports


The aim of physical education at Our Lady is to enable all pupils in our care to work towards becoming independently active within school and the community. We encourage them to develop competence and confidence in physical skills and to value the contribution of others.Physical education takes place both in the school and its environs and in the wider community including residential visits.

To assist us in achieving this aim which supports the children to develop a healthy and active lifestyle the Government is providing targeted sports funding. This funding is provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school Head teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE* provision in schools. OFSTED** will play a significant role in ensuring that schools target this funding in areas which will lead to clear outcomes in raising standards and opportunities in PE and school sport for all children throughout the Primary Phase.  All schools will receive a lump sum of £8,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil.

Schools have to spend the funding on improving their provision of PE and school sport, but do have the freedom to choose how they do this. You can see below how we have spent our funding to improve our sports provision.

PE and Sports Premium Report to Parents 2017-18.pdf

School Swimming Report to Parents 2017-18.pdf

PE and Sports Premium Report to Parents 2016-17.pdf

PE and Sports Premium Report to Parents 2015-16.pdf

PE and Sports Premium Report to Parents 2014-15.pdf

PE and Sports Premium Report to Parents 2013-14.pdf


 Gold School Games Award Letter 25.6.15.pdf                  YST Silver Quality Mark Award Letter 15.4.15.pdf